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Having lived in Penistone for over a decade, Roy and Heather Fox have recently and very suddenly found themselves taking over Penistone DIY, and are now embracing the challenge of making Penistone DIY the one-stop local shop for all of our DIY needs. Dave went to meet them to find out more...


From software to hardware

“I’ve always used Penistone DIY in the past, I even used the ‘legendary’ hardware shop, Moxon’s, at Bridge End before then, which people may remember,” enthuses Roy. “A few weeks ago I found out the business was for sale so I just decided to go for it as the timing was right – I used to run a software house so this is a new direction!”


Penistone’s best kept secret

“We find it staggering how many people in the area still don’t know we exist,” adds Roy. “We even had someone trying to find us recently and they asked someone down on the main road where the DIY shop was, only to be told ‘There’s no DIY shop in Penistone!’ We need to improve that awareness that we are here and show what we can offer. With rising fuel prices and busy lives, it pays to shop local and we hope to be a one-stop shop for the local community. If you don’t see what you want, we will get it!”


Sell it, make it, do it!

The new look Penistone DIY has 3 main aspects to it, the first of which being the larger new look shop itself with stock lines vastly increased so that customers can come in, safe in the knowledge that they will find something suitable for the job they need to do. Secondly, Penistone DIY offers the only glass and wood-cutting service in the area, alongside one-off bespoke joinery; everything from a bird table to doors and windows! This is complemented by a new ‘handyman’ service which Roy explains: “Basically, any small job you need doing, give us a call and one of our skilled members of staff will come out and help you. We charge by the hour and are upfront about the cost – if we foresee it taking longer we will tell you, and if it takes less than an hour we can go around and check/do any other things while we’re there, be it picture hanging, creaking doors etc.” So, if you need to buy something, Penistone DIY will sell it. If you want them to make something, they can make it, and if you want them to come out and do the job for you, they can do it!



Penistone DIY

7 Laurence Works, Sheffield Road,

Penistone S36 6HF

(up the side road next to Penney’s garage)

01226 766200

Open Mon to Fri 8am-5pm,

Saturday 8.30am-1pm